Sunday, July 31, 2005

Todo list

In a moment of madness I though I'd write a list of what needs to be done on Rock Paper here goes:

  • Finish image processing framework - nearly done!
  • Animation of hands into rock, paper or scissors
  • Skybox with a pretty landscape that'll take ages to make :(
  • Letting the user move around with the keyboard
  • Being able to shoot balls at the game objects to ensure that collision response is working
  • Profile to eliminate jerk when launching hands and when objects collide
  • Buttons to select rock, paper or scissors
  • Engine programming before distribution
  • Distribute a beta version for testing
  • Letting the user affect the movement of the hand while in flight with the mouse
  • Exciting camera angles around play
  • Gestures to select rock, paper or scissors

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rock Paper Scissors - The Third Dimension

First image on my blog!
You can see the new cartoon look of the faces in that screenshot - what do you think of it?
Ignore the random bright bits for now - I've started implementing the glow effect and as you can see - it isn't quite finished yet.
For the developers reading this, the apparantly black square at the top left is showing the glow render target that is being additively blended with the scene.
And I should probably mention that the background image is temporary heh!

The really good news is that I'm now using an XP computer so I've upgraded to the April update of DirectX and now I can get the animations working in-game! Very exciting but I have to actually make the animations first which is a pity because I'm not as good at modelling as programming :(

Now I'm working on the glow effect in the image processing framework I'm making to support the high resolution screen shots needed for the marketing!

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Hi everyone again!

A summary of the last week's work...editing wind sounds and hit sounds - now have 42 hit sounds in different categories! That may sound excessive but there are two collisions per 'play' (each choice of Rock, Paper or Scissors that you make) so they'd quickly become annoying otherwise. I don't want the you, the future players of our game, to be annoyed with it!

Also I've been planning the main game cycle in something called a Finite State Machine (FSM). The author tries to be funny when talking about the turnstile. The diagram is rather complicated unfortunately but if I need to change something about the game then it'll be _much_ easier than before! Yeah!

I'll post some screenshots when it's working again; it's not working at the moment because I'm taking out the rusty old prototype stuff and putting in my shiny new FSM :-) It may take a while...but I'll be back...

Since it's now the holidays, when Joe comes round we can re-record some of the old voices because I've now got a great, and FREE audio editing program called Audacity. That's infinitely cheaper than the $245.57 (VAT incl lol) Adobe Audition!!

I've tried not to use any jargon except FSM which I gave a link to...please tell me if I failed!

See ya...