Thursday, September 01, 2005

Score display

I just thought I'd add that the score display not fitting in with the new themes has already been mentioned to me. I'll probably have to create my own bitmap score renderer instead of just drawing the score in text. Then I'll be able to draw the numbers 0-9 to fit in with the theme and it'll be cool.

Also, I forgot to mention before that the jerk problem I thought I had was nothing to do with Rock Paper Scissors and it's fine in full-screen on my computer so it's all good.

I've only done about an hour of programming since I got back from Imperial on the 27th because I've been catching up with my friends etc but I was trying to encode the HDR environment maps into RGBE format to improve the reflections on computers like mine which don't support HDR cubemaps. Unfortunately the Single16 type in DirectX is totally useless.
I downloaded the 169MB August SDK today (I'm still on April) to see if they've completed it, or I'll have to report it :( That download took 5 hours would you believe!

Remember if you don't understand any of the last part, other developers read this blog as well. Hopefully :D


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