Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Menu Screens

I'm sorry about not updating this for like 4 months but I go to this place called school...yar!

Looking back at my logs for the past 4 months i've managed to:
Got my code up to release quality - just because something looks pretty doesn't mean it's finished!
A little more work on my engine (tangents and binormals for meshs, for those who understand tech-speak ;)) allowing for some fancy new themes...i deserve a bit of fun heh
Fallbacks for everything so the game still works on old computers with no vertex/pixel shaders.
Choosing rock, paper or scissors with gestures a la the game 'Black & White'.
Explosions and shockwaves for when faces are destroyed.
Extension of game logic so that games are played in sets of 3 as on the stree, rather than it continuing for ever!
Game can fall back from 3D sound to normal sound if not supported and even work without sound if your computer really is that bad!

And currently:
Some minor restructuring to have game screens for the main menu, options, credits etc

That might be a while with the forthcoming AS-level exams :(

I'm outta here to revise, peace out.


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